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Feel the fear and do it anyway.....

Today I feel good.

Today I feel like we have accomplished something truly amazing, despite the nerves and the doubts.

Today I am beyond grateful for Louise Tapson, for without her, the writer in me does not exist.

Have you ever had that conversation with your friend, Mother or Brother, you know the one that ends in the phrase "We should do that!" It could be the most random idea, opening a bakery, running a marathon, living in a commune! Well you know what J.F.D.I (Just.F***ing.Do.IT.)

Life is short and often cruel and it is not until our necks are on the block that we truly feel our pulse.

Try your best. We demand it from our children, don't deny it from yourself. Strive.

Do what nourishes you, do what makes you smile, but above all dare to dream.

#fear #women #power #dreams #friendship #strive #goals #life

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